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Galv-Pro™, a Nuwave Solutions company, offers superior cold galvanizing products including aerosol spray, bulk containers from gallons to drums, and touch-up pens for that final touch-up of welds and cuts to complete the installation process and provide years of extended use for installers, fabricators, and galvanizers. Galv-Pro™ has over 25 years of experience with cold galvanizing products and backs every product with a guarantee and industry’s best technical support.


We are pleased with your product, it is easy to attain, priced right, virtually no waste. The main reason we purchased it in the first place was that we were experiencing clogging issues and waste with another galv spray, and then having to paint over it in order to have it better match our frames.

Doug Mastin, Phoenix Fence

We've used Galv Match on all our equipment for the past ten years as part of our regular maintenance program. In Michigan the salt and winter conditions take their toll on our plows, lawn equipment, trucks and trailers. Your product's go on easily and last, and have truly increased the life span of our equipment.

Peter Baker, P & P Landscaping, Fraser MI

I fabricate metal roofing and we've experienced huge rust problems for areas that need to be cut. Our roofing panels last 20-30 years without rust issues but the exposed edges will rust immediately, sometimes less than one year with other products we’ve tried. With the Galv Match we're not seeing any rust, and it's been more than 6 years since we started using it.

Steyre Metal Roofing, Detroit MI